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Saturday, November 26, 2011


It's odd what triggers you to miss someone. A picture, a smell, a favorite food, a holiday, a special occasion.

Pipe tobacco reminds me of my Grandpa
Handkerchiefs remind me of my Grandma
Butter rum lifesavers remind me of my Papaw
Pretty much any breakfast food reminds me of my Memaw (except cereal - she put way to much thought in to breakfast . No cereal to be found)
Great accents remind me of my Aunt Margit

But today - Carousels remind me of my sister. She has been with Jesus for over 3 years now. Her life was full or turmoil and her relationships much the same, but today I remember that collecting carousels made her smile. I had forgotten that.

So today I savor the good memories and might even go look through some old family pictures. Seems like that kind of day to me.  That, and go make some more memories with the ones I love. I hope you'll do the same, because life is short and soon all we have left is the remembering.