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Monday, June 4, 2012

Attention Please

Have you ever gone to great lengths to get someones attention for something that was very important?

There once was a man who God had very very BIG plans for. But he couldn't quite see past his own agenda to the great things God had in store for him, so he continued on his own path, doing as he saw fit and wreaking havoc along the way, but happy with his progress. 

One day, God decided that enough was enough and it was time to get down to business. So, the Almighty got this man's attention in a way only the God of the Universe can. He struck him blind (after knocking him on his back side with a loud voice from the heavens.) I would dare say that would get any one's attention and it worked in this situation quite well. 

After letting him wallow a bit, think about his situation and ponder what he would do for a bit, God sent someone to the man to give him back his sight. The guy chosen for the job was a bit hesitant, with good reason, because the blind man had quite a reputation for being not very nice. But God reassured the messenger with these words: "Don't argue. Go! I have picked him as my personal representative to non-Jews and kings and Jews. And now I'm about to show him what he's in for—the hard suffering that goes with this job." Acts 9:15 (msg)

So the messenger went on his way, the blind man recovered his sight and needless to say God had his full attention. 

Some of you may already know this is the story of Saul (later re-named Paul). Perhaps one of the greatest men in the Bible. You can read more of the story in the book of Acts starting in chapter 7. 

As I read this story again, the thought struck me -  How many times has God had to go to such great lengths to get my attention to do what He has planned for my life? What He has in store for me can never be compared with the meager existence I carve out for myself day to day. God sees so much bigger than my small frame of reference. His plans for my life, to be used up for Him and His purposes are infinitely better than anything I could even imagine. 

If God gave you breath this morning, which I'm assuming He did since you are reading this. Then He has a purpose and a plan just for you today, and every day after this that you wake up. What does He have to do to get your attention? How low does He have to let you sink before you realize he has a plan for your life and He just needs you to give yourself to Him? How far off course does He have to let you travel before you realize you are lost and need His help to find your way back home?

Let today be the day. Don't wait for the drastic measures to come. Tell Him even now that you are His and will do His will for your life today. I promise, though it may not always be easy - it will be the best adventure you could ever have with the greatest reward at the end.

If you not sure quite how to do that, message me on Facebook ( I would love to be the messenger God uses to bring real sight to you today.