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Friday, October 16, 2009

It is Finished!

I know I probably could have come up with something a little more original, but hey it works as an attention getter. For all 3 of you who are following me... my nemesis - the Creative Coaching assignment video is finished. I have turned it in and will now proceed to move on. YES!

So, I have uploaded it and included the link for your viewing pleasure. Here are some things I learned from the process...
1. A girls has got to know her limitations.
2. A project is much more fun when you do it with people you like to work with ;o)
3. In order to succeed, you must surround yourself with people who know more than you do in areas you are weak. It doesn't mean you get to quit learning, it just means that God made everyone with different gifts and for you to try to do everything yourself is robbing someone else of a chance to share their gift.
4. An artists work will never be perfect or finished in their eyes. Sometimes you just have to say "enough" and hit the send button!
5. Sometimes it is less about the finished product and more about what you learn in the process along the way.

Over all it was not the most pleasant thing I have ever done, or the best art I will ever produce, but I learned a lot and hope to push myself in this area in the future. :o)

HUGE thanks to Joel Quinoes and Matt Bashore Sr. for their help in the production, JT for his amazing spoken word and delivery, Robert Stubbs for braninstorming power, and Holly Abshire for lending her ear while I compained!